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Quality Lovebirds
Starting spring 2002 We will have variuos pairs breeding diffrent mutations along with normal green.
All birds sold as pets will be hand feed. They are all closed banded. Short class given on all sales for caring and nutrition of lovebirds. We also offer a advanced class for bonding with your lovebirds, most saturdays. Contact us for appointment.
We currently have two normal green babies; they will be available around the middle of February. Both are very affectionate, we will offer training prior to picking up your new baby. 35.00 each, 10.00 for advanced training, optional concurrent classes, 5.00 per session.

35.00 and Up Call For Pricing

* all companion birds are hand feed and some training completed
* before sale advanced training available
Super friendly, Super Socialized!
All training is done with positive reinforcement; we offer advanced training for owners and companions. Unmanageable birds are welcome for training; we will personally work with unmanageable birds in the attempt to calm them down! What are you waiting for?

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You will not regret this purchase!
Advanced training will allow you and your lovebird to bond!
Schedule your advance training NOW!
All birds are welcome, advanced training sesions availible on a private or group basis!